Field Notes

NID applies a holistic, participatory and inter-disciplinary approach to research and analysis. Our expertise draws from field experience and our ongoing conversations with people on the ground. Recent field notes can be found under the following categories:


Research Archive

Date of PublicationTitle Research Area
2016Environmentally Sustainable Growth: A Strategic Review Green Economy and Sustainability
2015Establishing Human Rights Safeguards for Foreign Investments in Africa: Redefining Rights to Promote Gender Equality in the Natural Resources Sector Natural Resources Management
2015Cyber Violence against Women and Girls: A world-wide wake-up call (2015) International Telecommunications Union and UN Women Digital Economy and Enterprise
2015Farming, Mining and Caring for the Land: Why a Critical Feminist Gender Discourse on Rights and Resources is More Important Now than Ever Before. (2015) Women’s Economic Justice: Putting Women at the Centre Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa Green Economy and Sustainability
2015From individual to communal rights: empowering women for sustainable use of natural resources in Why Women will save the Planet (2015) ZED Press / Friends of the Earth UK Natural Resources Management
2014Strengthening Sustainable Agriculture in the Caribbean: A guide for project support and guidelines for a policy frameworkNatural Resources Management
2014TAKING THE LONG VIEW: Sustaining Community Wealth through Gender Sensitive Natural Resource Management UN Women LiberiaNatural Resources Management
2013Changing Value Systems: One Village at a Time. Issue 614Natural Resources Management
2013Harmonising Our Footprints: Reducing the Ecological While Accumulating (Growing) the Care – Exploring the Prospects for a Holistic Care EconomyGreen Economy and Sustainability
2013From marginalisation to empowerment: The potential of land rights to contribute to gender equality – observations from Guatemala, India and Sierra Leone. Natural Resources Management
2013Gender (Responsive) Indicators for Climate Finance: Discussion PaperClimate Change Management
2013PROMISES, POWER, AND POVERTY Corporate land deals and rural women in AfricaNatural Resources Management
2013Opportunities for Advancing Women's sustainable and green livelihoods: Food security, small-scale women farmers and climate change in Caribbean SIDSClimate Change Management
2012A Bright Future in ICTs – Opportunities for a New Generation of WomenDigital Economy and Enterprise
2012 Low Income Women: First Casualties of Green Economy Land Grab - Heinrich Böll StiftungGreen Economy and Sustainability
2012Empowerment of women in a Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradicationGreen Economy and Sustainability
2012“The road to Rio +20: women and the green economy” [Oxfam site link]Green Economy and Sustainability
2011Climate Change: Beyond Coping – women smallholder farmers in Tajikistan. Experiences of climate change and adaptation (Oxfam) Climate Change Management
2011Training Module on Community ICT
Centers for Women’s Social and Economic Empowerment
Digital Economy and Enterprise
2011Community ICT Centers for Women’s Social and Economic Empowerment for ITU 2011Digital Economy and Enterprise
2010Adaptation Fund: Exploring the Gender Dimensions of Climate Finance MechanismsClimate Change Management
2010Climate Adaptation Fund A gender assessment and implications for womenClimate Change Management
New Agribusiness investments mean wholesale sell out for women farmers
Natural Resources Management
2009Issues and Challenges of Climate Change for Women Farmers in the Caribbean The potential of ICTs Digital Economy and Enterprise
2009The bio-fuel frenzy: what options for rural women? A case of rural development schizophrenia published in Gender & Development 17:1Green Economy and Sustainability
2008Small Player, High StakesNatural Resources Management
2007Biopolitics, climate change and water security impact, vulnerability and adaptation issues for womenClimate Change Management
2006Handbook on Women-owned Small and Medium Enterprises Alliance Building & Advocacy Digital Economy and Enterprise
2005Information and Communication Technologies in Bangladesh: Trends, Opportunities and Options for Women WorkersDigital Economy and Enterprise
2004Trends in ICT use in women-run micro and small enterprises in developing and transition countries. Digital Economy and Enterprise
Equitable, ICT-Enabled Agricultural Development Modul 4 Gender and Agriculture source book. World BankDigital Economy and Enterprise