About us

Networked Intelligence for Development is an independent consulting practice established in 1997 to provide clients with technical and project management services, inter-disciplinary research and learning materials. NID’s specialized services focus on the nexus of human rights, equitable development and healthy ecologies, in support of social and economic equity.

We work from the ground up, and are strategic and practical in our approach. We are constantly searching for ways to end poverty through the empowerment of communities to identify and own their solutions to their challenges.

Our Associates

Beth Jean Evans

Rowan Campbell

Erich Vogt

Mario Porchetta

Nidhi Tandon

Peggy Nash

Shannon Pritchard

The combined expertise of NID associates include:

  • Agrarian economies (land use, public commons, renewable energy, food and water security)
  • Climate change management (climate finance, gender sensitive climate policy, life cycle assessments, climate adaptation and resilience analyses)
  • Digital economy (innovation, application of ICT tools for learning and advocacy)
  • Green economy (sustainable livelihoods, care economics and social security, social equity and empowerment of the poor, environmental and social safeguards, degrowth analyses)
  • Natural resource management (extractive economies, benefit sharing models)
  • Production economics (global value chain analysis, enterprise development, farming and organic farm-enterprises)

Our combined experience enables us to address today’s inter-dependent development challenges in a holistic and forward looking manner.

Contact us: +1 (416) 538-7398

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