Ideas Bank

From time to time, NID is commissioned to write concept notes or design gender frameworks, these are reproduced below for public access as our contribution to the discourse and practice of gender equality.

Principles and approach

Five principles guide our consulting approach drawing from the “Principles for the Age of Networked Intelligence”

  • Collaboration, consultation and inclusiveness
  • Openness and transparency
  • Open-source collecting and sharing of information and ideas
  • Interdependence (between the State, the private sector, civil society, and the individual)
  • Integrity

We apply a ‘rightstreaming’ gender justice approach to all consulting work. This means incorporating gender analysis across the many layers of institutional capacity and across sectors.

Project Management services offered:


  • proposal development and design
  • strategic planning
  • development of measurable indicators
  • program impact and benefits assessments (midterm and end of project)
  • applied monitoring and evaluation tools
  • social return on investment assessments
  • presentational materials for policy fora
  • reports and policy briefings



Date of PublicationTitle
2016Methodology and Research Tools for a Gender-Sensitive Value-Chain Analysis
Conceptual Note and VC Framework for future programming in the Caribbean
2013Changing Value Systems: One Village at a Time. Issue 614
2014Strengthening Sustainable Agriculture in the Caribbean A guide for project support and guidelines for a policy framework
2015Farming, Mining and Caring for the Land: Why a Critical Feminist Gender Discourse on Rights and Resources is More Important Now than Ever Before. (2015) Women’s Economic Justice: Putting Women at the Centre Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
2013Harmonising Our Footprints: Reducing the Ecological While Accumulating (Growing) the Care – Exploring the Prospects for a Holistic Care Economy